A Copy of the end

Not a happy one



*Recording start*

It’s just another day at work. Getting up from the desk you see the request sheet that just got faxed to your desk. It’s the list of thing you needed to wear for this particular job. Ever since you’ve come here you have been doing the same thing. Over and over again. But every time it starts it is a different deal but the job might happen multiple times.

So you get out of your cubicle and walk towards the wardrobe of all the things you’ve worn since the first job. You see your friends and the people you know so well on the way. Sometimes you work with them too. But not today. The sheet says it clearly.

Job #3942

  • Type: Solo, Scripted.
  • Costume: Red Shirt, Black Jeans, Everyday Glasses, Barefoot.
  • Set no.: 8.
  • Dialogue: “I’m sorry… I tried…”

You put on the clothes and walk towards the set, across the Hallway of fame. You see the actors on the wall and their amazing achievements. You feel so proud of working in their stead. You’ve heard stories about them, some had to freeze in a frame forever. And you see all the laughter on the wall. It’s all happy moments.

And you start to think about all the jobs you’ve done. You’ve always been happy. Smiling. With friends. Like the happiest person in the whole universe. You’ve also been visiting outside too. But oddly you don’t have any memory of it. Also, it’s been a long time since there was any work in here. Sometimes you’ve gone to sets to see your friends act. It’s so much fun when they have to act sleeping or making weird faces. Sometimes you have to make weird faces with them. Always a fun day when you work with friends.

Today is no such day. You reach the set and you see an abnormal scene. It was your room and the lights were off. There is a stool in the center. And a noose on top of the stool attached to the ceiling. You are asked to step on the stool and put the noose around your neck.


You say the dialogue “I’m sorry… I tried..”.



You remove the noose, get down the stool. Very confused, you walk towards your cubicle. As you reach your desk you hear a rumbling thunder, the land beneath you shakes vigorously making you fall to your knees. And then everything was quiet.

*Saved to the gallery*

Thank you for reading.

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